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The opportunities for social media marketing today are very exciting. It offers businesses limitless possibilities to reach customers in ways that are targeted and highly effective. It can offer a big returns compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. Social Media Marketing offers significantly more feedback, it helps the busines stay firmly in control.

At What's My Social Presence we are able to help your business with marketing by working with you to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We help you the business to create a strategy which can be measured in terms of success. We help businesses get their message out to the right people and in the right way. We quickly and effectively get you targeted traffic which results in a high conversion rate.

We will make you a believer because our services are simple and effective. We an established online marketing plan and the end result in your brand being in the top social media websites that currently represents over 50% of all Internet traffic. This also gets businesses ranked in the top of the search engines. It's this unique approach that we bring to the table. Together we leverage our skills to build marketing channels in the most powerful websites for your business.

  • Can Social Media Marketing Help You?

Yes, your company can use social media solutions, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to set up an interactive online portfolio.

  • Can What's My Social Presence Help You?

Yes, we're able to provide our clients with the tools for a tailored, media marketing campaign as a social media company, which will help you to interact with your consumers on a more personal level while also offering key updates and content about the products and services you provide.

  • What Will You Do?

We will provide optimised profiles through the internet's most important and relevant media platforms, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We have an enormous list of other sites in our database that we can create profiles for. We will optimise your presence to it's fullest potential.
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Our Social Media Marketing Examples

  • Facebook Business Marketing

    Facebook pages are gateways to market your business and improve your brand reputation through Social Media Marketing. Are you ready to build your online relationships around your business? The benefits are enormous and at What's My Social Presence, we love integrating our web design and seo strategies.
  • YouTube Business Marketing

    YouTube is a popular video website and it's streamed by thousands of visitors daily. Here you can upload videos and share it with the world. Have you ever thought of improving your business through YouTube videos. YouTube is a great marketing tool for your products or services. You can upload any videos about the products, events in the organization or even testimonials about the products.
  • Business Blog Marketing

    Blog marketing gives businesses other tangible results. Blogs build your brand awareness and you as an authority in your market. It builds rapport with your audience and builds a relationship of trust. This makes you the person they seek for help. It increases exposure, generates buzz, and creates a global message to which customers can respond. It's also a powerful search engine optimization tool that can be used to dramatically improve website rankings.
  • Twitter Business Marketing

    Our twitter marketing is not based on fake followers or fake tweets. Our Marketing strategy is all natural, ethical and business oriented Twitter marketing. We have been providing Seo and Digital marketing services to many clients. What we are offering is a unique Social Marketing Service which improves your image, your online reputation, and your search engine rankings. It also generates many business leads.
  • Business Blog Marketing

    Internet marketing is the new marketing median and it's really not that new anymore. Any business large or small, needs to begin developing an internet marketing strategy just to keep up with their competition. It's not enough to advertise in the print media such as newspapers and yellow pages because quite frankly, these are becoming obsolete. More and more people turn to the internet to research a business before they purchase products or services.
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Why should a business use social media marketing?

The existence of social media is not the only reason why businesses should care about it. Google and other search engines are rapidly integrating social media with their search functions. One example of this is the incorporation of Google+ features such as the +1 button into the natural search results. As time goes on, trends suggest that this type of marketing and search engine optimisation will become inevitably linked.

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Social Media and Reputation Management

What's My Social Presence and our integrated reputation management will improve your company's reputation online. There is a growing understanding that Social Media Marketing will help to increase online visibility and drive visitors to your website. Social Media Marketing will drive targeted traffic to your website.

The rise of user generated content and blogging means there is a fast growing need to be able to monitor and respond to what is being said about your brand and your product or service online.


Fully Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media is an important part of fully integrated marketing campaigns, printed marketing and television adverts can be linked to social media for more user engagement with your brand.

Being at the forefront of the Media revolution will allow your brand to build its presence before your competitors. The possibilities of Social Media and opportunities to interact with your target market are endless; creativity in campaigns is the key to success for standing out among your competitors.

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